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Class of 2021 in focus: New Johns Hopkins students pose for their class photo

Students spell out 'JHU 21' on The Beach at Johns Hopkins University

Credit: Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University

The shutter speed of a camera often lasts for less than a second. If open for too long—dependent on light—the photograph could turn out blurry.

For the new Blue Jays who make up the Johns Hopkins University Class of 2021, the blip of time that passes as the photographer's shutter opens and closes transforms into a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Wednesday at noon, first-years gathered on The Beach at the Homewood campus to form the letters and numbers that make up their class: JHU 21. Jay VanRensselaer and Will Kirk, university photographers, stood atop Wolman Hall to capture one of the most significant moments of orientation for new arrivals. (There's a zoomable version below)

"It helped me to connect with more of my peers since we were all together … I was getting to know people I hadn't yet met," said Ananya Swaminathan, an incoming biomedical engineering major.

The more than 1,300 students waited as they made introductions, exchanged information about hometowns, and talked about their new residence halls.

Following the photo, students headed in a variety of directions—some to the Fresh Food Café for lunch, others to the Residential Advisory Board tie-dye event—before preparing for Wednesday night's convocation ceremony.

The photo was sponsored by the JHU Alumni Association; downloadable .jpgs are available on the Alumni Association website.

Zoom in on the class photo

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