Future Blue Jay? Kid sets his sights on a world-class education (or possibly a pizza)

Pepperoni pizza

Image caption: Pizza.

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Valerie Strauss at The Washington Post shared this Johns Hopkins-related anecdote, to be filed under "adorable."

Steve Peifer, the director of college counseling at The King's Academy, a pre-K-12 Christian school in Florida, sent a story to counseling colleagues around the country on a listserv, and he gave Strauss permission to publish it. Peifer wrote:

I hadn't realized how much I missed being around little kids until I was back with them at my new school. So this tiny kid comes up to me and says:

Tiny Kid: What do YOU do at the big kid school?

Me: I help students find colleges to look at.

TK: Daddy says I'm going to Harvard, but I want to go to Papa John's.

It's all about choices, I guess.

One of Strauss' colleagues at The Post suggested the kid might be referring (incorrectly) to Johns Hopkins University. But Peifer surmised: "It was a little kid. I go with the pizza."

Dennis O'Shea, executive director of media relations for Johns Hopkins, told The Post: "I figured it could have been either, but it was funny either way! People find all kinds of innovative ways of misspelling our name. But I've never seen this one before!"

Here at the Hub, we're impressed the kid embraced the S. And even if he's only in it for pizza, Johns Hopkins has him covered.

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