Johns Hopkins, Baltimore City join MetroLab network

Johns Hopkins University will join Baltimore City and the University of Baltimore in a partnership within MetroLab, a network of city-university teams that incorporate data, analytics, and technology into local government programs around the country.

Within each MetroLab city-university partnership, the university serves as a research and development arm, and the city serves as a test-bed for technologies and policies. Johns Hopkins will work on three projects that include tracking data to optimize health outcomes for elderly hospital patients, benchmarking Baltimore's access to broadband, and orienting the city's open data program towards meaningful and sustainable outcomes.

"We are excited to partner with the city of Baltimore on these impactful projects," says Beth Bauer, executive director of the Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins University (GovEx), which will manage the projects. "Our university has a long tradition of supporting our city, and through the MetroLab network we aim to serve the Baltimore community in new and innovative ways."

The MetroLab network was launched by 21 founding city-university pairings in September 2015 at the White House as part of the Obama Administration's Smart Cities Initiative. Johns Hopkins was among the 13 city-university partnerships announced by MetroLab on May 3.

"We are thrilled to welcome a terrific set of cities and universities to our network," said Ben Levine, Interim Director of MetroLab Network. "The technologies and policies that they are developing will change the way cities address infrastructure needs, deploy public services, and achieve environmental goals."

The Center for Government Excellence is a 21st Century Cities Initiative and is funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies. GovEx aims to accelerate and support the effective use of data by governments.

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