Just dance: 18 Johns Hopkins dance clubs take the stage at annual Orientation Dance Show

As the curtains opened at the Johns Hopkins Orientation Dance Show, a group of ballerinas pranced and pirouetted across the stage. After five minutes and a round of applause, their performance came to an end. The Indian classical dance group, Shakti, took center stage for a brief period before another group shimmied around Shriver Hall in front of an audience of 800-plus people.

The annual show, designed to introduce first-year students to the dance groups and celebrate the beginning of another academic year, featured all 18 Johns Hopkins dance clubs, with performances clocking in at five minutes each. Many of the groups host workshops and tryouts in the weeks that follow.

The event featured a range of styles, from tap dancing to Bollywood Fusion.

"The concert was an excellent showcase for the amazing talent and diversity in our student dance groups," said Eric Beatty, director of Homewood Arts Programs.

The Johns Hopkins dance groups are:

  • Shakti: Hopkin's competitive Indian classical dance team

  • Temps d'Afrique: An African dance troupe that employs traditional and modern African movements and samples a variety of African music genres

  • VIVAZ Performing Arts Company: A group Influenced by the Caribbean with styles ranging from reggae to soca chutney

  • Slam: Hopkins' only hip-hop dance group

  • JHU Josh: Women's competitive Bollywood Fusion team

  • The Ladybirds Dance Team: The official dance team of JHU, performing during halftime sporting events

  • ¡Baila!: A traditional and modern Latin group

  • Blue Jay Bhangra: Indian and Pakistani folk dance club that features heavy drumbeats, colorful costumes, and complex formations

  • JHU Ballroom Dance: A group that offers International Latin and standard lessons for all performance levels

  • The Eclectics: A co-ed dance group that performs hip hop, whacking, locking, house, modern, ballet, jazz, and lyrical

  • JHU Ballet: A classical dance company

  • Hopkins Breakers: A b-boying, or breakdancing, group

  • Yong Han Lion Dance Troupe: The Fut San style of dancing, which is based heavily in martial arts stances

  • Zinda (JHU Masti): Co-ed Bollywood Fusion Team

  • Sláinte: Hopkins' official Irish Dance team

  • Jaywalk Dance Group: A student-run dance with an emphasis on jazz and lyrical styles

  • JHU Modern Dance: Student, faculty, and staff members practice modern dance and host lessons for all

  • Listen Up Tap: Hopkins' only tap dance group