Spring serenades: Peabody students bring pop-up concerts to Johns Hopkins campuses

Video: peabody Institute

In the midst of the pre-finals frenzy yesterday, two Peabody musicians arrived in Levering Hall on Johns Hopkins University's Homewood campus, folding music stands and violin cases in tow. Momentarily, everyone looked up from their laptops as the sounds of classical music filled the lounge.

Image caption: A Peabody cellist plays at the Fresh Food Cafe.

Image credit: Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University

"Come hear what you've been missing," read a poster announcing the surprise performance.

The duo, Peabody students Daisy Rho and Alexis Meschter, were on campus for Pop-Up Peabody, a series of pop-up concerts scheduled throughout the day at different sites across the university's Homewood, East Baltimore, and Harbor East campuses. Vocalists, cellists, saxophonists, and other musicians popped up unexpectedly throughout the late afternoon, to the pleasant surprise of students and other onlookers.

At Levering, students applauded and cheered, pausing to snap photos on their phones. Within 20 minutes, the concert concluded and the pair packed up and hurried to the Beach for another unannounced concert.

"Peabody musicians are always looking for more ways to connect with our communities," Meschter said. "We thought these short, unannounced concerts might be a pleasant surprise for our Hopkins family during this stressful time of year."