'Foreign Policy' magazine ranks Johns Hopkins among nation's best schools for studying international relations

Master's program at SAIS ranked No. 2 nationally

Johns Hopkins University offers some of the nation's best programs in international relations, according to rankings released this week by Foreign Policy magazine.

JHU's master's program in international relations, which resides at the university's School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C., ranked second nationally on the list of "Top Master's Programs for Policy Career in International Relations," behind only Georgetown University.

FP also ranked Johns Hopkins 16th among undergraduate programs and 17th among doctoral programs.

The rankings give readers a window into "which institutions are effectively nurturing future generations of thinkers and policymakers," FP wrote. They are based on responses from more than 1,600 international relations scholars from 1,375 U.S. colleges and universities.

The report also includes feedback from survey respondents on what they believe is the most important foreign policy issue facing the U.S. today, which area of the world is of the greatest strategic importance to the U.S., and the likelihood of U.S. war with China or Russia in the next 20 years, among other topics.