Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus to host networking events for entrepreneurs

Calling all techies and entrepreneurs: TechBreakfast, a monthly networking event that gives entrepreneurs a chance to showcase their work, is coming to Johns Hopkins University's Montgomery County Campus this fall.

Starting in October, TechBreakfast will hold its monthly networking events at the campus. TechBreakfast provides a forum for entrepreneurs and businesses to demo their new products. Approximately five companies demo each month, with presenters getting about seven minutes to make their pitches. Roughly 100-150 people, including entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and service providers, typically attend each event.

TechBreakfast is the brainchild of Ron Schmelzer, a graduate of JHU's Carey Business School, who describes the events as "show and tell for adults."

Schmelzer started TechBreakfast in Baltimore in 2011 and has since expanded the concept to Columbia, Boston, Austin, New York, Philadelphia, and Silicon Valley, among other cities.

"The TechBreakfast philosophy is to be triple agnostic," Schmelzer said. "We are industry agnostic (meaning we are open to technology across all technology domains including IT, biotech, robotics, energy, etc.), stage agnostic (we are open to tech presentations from individuals and organizations of any size or maturity), and region agnostic (we allow presenters to present at any location they choose regardless of where they are located—so we'll get DC presenters in Silicon Valley, and Austin presenters in New York).

"Our goal is to highlight the awesome technology innovations happening in these regions and connect these regions together to amplify the great innovation happening," he said.

The Washington, D.C. TechBreakfast is splitting into two: one for D.C. and one for Montgomery County. TechBreakfast has approximately 5,000 members in the region, and more than 10,000 members nationwide. Members can attend any site they like, so Baltimore entrepreneurs, for example, are welcome to present to a Montgomery County audience.

"We are thrilled and excited to be working with JHU to bring TechBreakfast to Montgomery County and accentuate the great innovation happening in this region." Schmelzer said. "This region is a hotbed of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial activity, and JHU is at the center of it all. We're excited by the possibilities of highlighting what's happening here and connecting it with the global technology community. "

The event will typically be held from 8-10 a.m. in Building III on the last Tuesday of the month (though exceptions do occur). TechBreakfast events at Montgomery County are scheduled for Oct. 28, Nov. 25, Dec. 22, Jan. 27, Feb. 24, March 31, April 28, May 26, and June 30. The events are free and open to the public.

You can apply online to present at an upcoming event.

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