A quick look at the Johns Hopkins University Class of 2018

Members of the Johns Hopkins University Class of 2018—all 1,418 of them—will begin arriving on campus later Friday. Among them are:

  • A flying trapeze artist
  • A finalist in Delaware's Young Playwrights Festival three years running
  • A former contestant on "The Biggest Loser" who's now dedicated to fighting obesity
  • The creator of an app for cancer patients
  • A professional skateboarder who writes a food blog
  • The teacher of a free robotics course for special needs students

Here's a quick look at the newest JHU students.

  • Total freshman enrollment: 1,418
  • Number of freshman applicants: 23,877
  • Number of freshmen admitted: 3,587
  • Percent Male: 51
  • Percent Female: 49
  • Middle 50th percent SAT I combined score: 2120-2310
  • Mean unweighted academic GPA: 3.88

Among the class of 2018 are 14 Baltimore Scholars, graduates of Baltimore City public schools accepted into the university's undergraduate programs who receive full-tuition scholarships.

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