Scoop: New Johns Hopkins-inspired ice cream, Blue Jay Batter, makes it debut

Blueberry cheesecake flavor created by Dominion Ice Cream

It's Batter up on the Upper Quad today as a new Johns Hopkins-themed ice cream flavor, Blue Jay Batter, makes its debut.

Image caption: Mmmmmm, Blue Jay Batter.

Here's the scoop: the flavor was developed by Dominion Ice Cream in partnership with the Hopkins Organization for Programming. Dominion's mixologists gave Blue Jay Batter an almost-JHU-blue hue and a blueberry cheesecake flavor. We're thinking cake batter meets blueberries, and we think that sounds spectacular.

Find out for yourself today at 2 p.m. on the Upper Quad as the HOP hands out free samples (and t-shirts). Or visit Dominion—famous for its vegetable flavors, including spinach, sweet potato, cucumber, and red cabbge—at 3215 N. Charles St.

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