Nursing students take study break to visit with canine companions

Credit: Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University

Just add dogs. It turns out that's a fairly simple recipe for taking a bit of the stress out of the room at exam time, one that Caitanya Min, a student at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, would like to see repeated.

Min recently organized a visit by Pets on Wheels, an all-volunteer organization that brings "therapy dogs" to wherever they're needed most. The visitors included two golden retrievers—Jillian and Nala—who were part of the healing process in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, Mass.

"Animals, especially dogs, are known for their unconditional love, and something about them just makes people so happy," said Min, who will graduate next week. "They are amazing creatures. They're known as 'man's best friend' for a reason."

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