Johns Hopkins plans to revive East Baltimore neighborhood

Washington Post education reporter Nick Anderson takes a closer look at Johns Hopkins' efforts to revitalize East Baltimore through redevelopment and education, speaking with local residents as well as university administrators about the project.

The 88-acre redevelopment project includes taking over day-to-day operations of a struggling public school, recently renamed Henderson-Hopkins, which will be moved from its temporary neighborhood location into a newly constructed $43 million campus later this year.

Hopkins President Ronald J. Daniels, in an interview on the main campus in north Baltimore, said the university must shoulder more responsibility for the welfare of a city of 619,000 that has been its home since 1876. A former provost at U-Penn, Daniels cites the Ivy League university's work in rebuilding west Philadelphia as a model. He has pushed Hopkins to deepen its engagement with East Baltimore since he arrived here in 2009. "We've really elevated it to a higher level," he said. "There was a perception that we weren't doing all that we could be doing."

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