Recent gift lifts Bloomberg's lifetime giving to more than $1 billion

When Michael R. Bloomberg announced a gift of $350 million to Johns Hopkins University in January, it brought his overall financial support for the university to more than $1 billion, a sum that is believed to be the most from a single donor to an institution of higher education. Bloomberg's past support for the university is detailed here.

Capital and Infrastructure In all, the mayor has given $240 million toward capital and infrastructure projects, including the Bloomberg Center for Physics and Astronomy in 1988, implementation of the Homewood campus master plan from 1998 through 2002, massive renovations and improvements at the Peabody Institute in 2000, and a complete gutting and interior rebuilding of the landmark Gilman Hall at Homewood from 2005 to 2007.

Financial Aid In recent years, Bloomberg has funded 20 percent of all need-based financial aid grants for undergraduates in the university's schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering. With the latest gift, his student aid gifts now total nearly $219 million, of which $164 million has been for undergraduates.

Bloomberg School of Public Health An ardent believer in the power of public health discoveries and practice to impact the lives of millions around the globe, Bloomberg has directed $289 million to what since 2001 has been known as the Bloomberg School of Public Health. He has given $125 million since 2001 to establish and support the Malaria Research Institute within the Bloomberg School of Public Health. The multidisciplinary center seeks to eradicate that mosquito-borne disease, which in 2010 afflicted an estimated 216 million people and killed 655,000 worldwide. The institute conducts basic and applied research on mosquito biology, the malaria parasite, disease processes and potential vaccines.

Bloomberg's public health-related gifts have also supported research into gun violence prevention, tobacco use reduction, safe water, mental health, road safety and global health initiatives.

Research The mayor's support for other Johns Hopkins research has reached $336 million. That includes $69 million since 2000 to establish and support the School of Medicine's Institute for Cell Engineering, which focuses on the application of stem cells to improve human health.