Guided Care provides better quality of care for chronically ill older adults

Guided Care patients rated their quality of care higher and used less home care

Johns Hopkins researchers have found that patients who receive Guided Care, a comprehensive form of primary care for older adults with chronic health problems, rate the quality of their care higher than those who receive normal primary care.

In a 32-month trial, the researchers found that Guided Care patients rated the quality of their care higher and had, on average, 29 percent fewer home health care visits, 13 percent fewer hospital readmissions, and 26 percent fewer days in skilled nursing facilities.

"As more practices move to a comprehensive care model, Guided Care's team care approach can help ensure better quality care and more satisfied patients," said Bruce Leff, a study co-investigator and a professor with the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

The research was published online by the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

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