Daniels: Marriage equality is good for business

President voices support for Maryland ballot Question 6, noting that it would give Johns Hopkins a recruiting edge against many of its peers

In an op-ed published today by The Baltimore Sun, Johns Hopkins University President Ronald J. Daniels expresses his support for marriage equality and for Maryland ballot Question 6, noting that operating in a state that embraces marriage equality is good for Johns Hopkins.

It would give Johns Hopkins a recruiting advantage, Daniels notes, because "it would remove the arbitrary and pernicious denial of benefits by institutionalizing it at the state level."

More from Daniels' op-ed:

For the most part, recruitment and retention is our own responsibility. It is my duty as president to ensure we have the best students, world-class labs and libraries, competitive salary and benefits, and the infrastructure that enables our faculty and staff to achieve their personal best.

But when I face recruitment and retention competition from Princeton or Stanford or Michigan, I want any advantage I can get. And I believe strongly that marriage equality in Maryland would provide a significant edge.

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