Students tune in to first presidential debate

Supporters of Obama, Romney gather at Charles Commons

About 100 Johns Hopkins students gathered at Nolan's in Charles Commons last night to watch the first debate between President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney.

The crowd was made up of mostly Democrats, according to an article in today's Baltimore Sun, with a small group of Republicans gathered in the back of the room.

More from The Sun on the importance of the first debate, the role young voters will play in choosing our next president, and what issues matter most to them:

With early voting already under way in states like Ohio and Iowa and Election Day less than five weeks off, the highly anticipated first debate was an important opportunity for both campaigns to sell their plans to address the nation's high unemployment. The issue is of particular concern to students who are preparing to enter the workforce.

Young voters played a big role in Obama's 2008 victory, but enthusiasm among 18- to 29-year-olds has ebbed since then — in part because of the down economy. A Gallup poll this year found that 58 percent of young people said they are definitely likely to vote, compared with nearly eight in 10 who offered the same response four years ago.

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