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Embrace the positive
Published Dec 15, 2021
For strategies to get you there, reach out to the resources available through mySupport—including the newly added Talkspace
How to give and get gratitude
Published Nov 10, 2021
Sincere thanks are meant to make everyone feel good—the person who's grateful and the person who's being thanked
November is National Diabetes Month
Published Nov 9, 2021
Follow these tips on how to manage and even reverse your prediabetes
Get ready for the Great American Smokeout
Published Nov 9, 2021
Thursday, Nov. 18, is the day smokers—and vapers—can start a journey toward a healthy, smoke-free life
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Published Oct 14, 2021
Johns Hopkins Work Stride reminds employees about the importance of early detection
Resources for dealing with depression
Published Oct 14, 2021
Johns Hopkins mySupport offers counseling, webinars, and more for employees and their family members
Why you should drink a glass of water right now
Published Oct 13, 2021
Its health benefits will motivate you to drink up
Flu shot information for the 2021–22 season
Published Oct 5, 2021
All individuals who will be on JHU campuses must be vaccinated for influenza and upload documentation by Nov. 19
Better protection for transplant recipients
Published Sept 22, 2021
Will the COVID-19 vaccines protect transplant patients and others with compromised immune systems? That question has led Dorry Segev on a quest to protect those most vulnerable during the pandemic
It's almost time for JHU's Annual Enrollment
Published Sept 17, 2021
The myChoices program provides benefits designed to fit your needs