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Stem cells

Stem cell research
Mysterious ways
Published Oct 8, 2015
Study sheds light on how stem cells are affected by their surroundings
Frontier Award
Award supports 'new directions' in research
Published Jan 28, 2015 Video
JHU stem cell researcher Sharon Gerecht receives inaugural President's Frontier Award
Life after radiation
Published Sept 2013
Research suggests brain can generate new cells able to replace injured cells, potentially restore lost function after radiation / Gazette
Custom-built blood vessels
Published July 19, 2013
Researchers use stem cells to create potential treatment for burn patients, vascular conditions / Hopkins Medicine
Using fat to fight cancer
Published March 13, 2013
Stem cells from fat show promise in treatment of brain cancer, Johns Hopkins researchers say / Johns Hopkins Medicine
Mended hearts
Published Nov 15, 2012
Stem cells effectively repair damaged heart muscle in study, reducing scar tissue and improving patients' quality of life
Blood cells converted into stem cells
Published Aug 23, 2012
Method is step in effort to create cells suitable for use in place of human embryonic stem cells / Johns Hopkins Medicine