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Research funding

Hopkins on the Hill
Demonstrating the importance of federal research funding
Published May 30, 2019
A public event in the House of Representatives will showcase federally-funded researchers from every part of JHU
President's Frontier Award
Brice Ménard honored for groundbreaking research
Published Feb 13, 2019 Video
His work with data sets from astronomical observatories has helped transform his field
Hopkins again leads U.S. universities in R&D spending
Published Dec 17, 2018
JHU spent a record $2.562B in fiscal year 2017, leading all U.S. universities in research spending for the 39th year in a row
Research funding
Hopkins receives $30 million to lead research consortium
Published Aug 7, 2018
Five-year program offers integrated field training to undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, and faculty researchers
Hopkins leads in research spending for 38th year in a row
Published March 23, 2018
University spent $2.431B on research and development projects in FY2016, with $2.104B coming from federal agencies
New $15M commitment to faculty research
Published Feb 7, 2018
Catalyst and Discovery award programs, which launched in 2015, extended for three more years
President's Frontier Award
Crews wins $250K prize
Published Jan 29, 2018 Video
Hopkins Medicine researcher studies causes, effects, health disparities associated with chronic kidney disease
Knee-capping university research
Published Jan 23, 2018
Daniels: Proposed cap on reimbursement of indirect research costs would deal 'staggering blow to the nation's vital interest'
Hopkins aims to strengthen support for biomedical workforce
Published Dec 14, 2017
Faculty-led committee offers 24 recommendations in response to stresses on current system
Hopkins on the Hill
The importance of federal research funding
Published June 12, 2017
At Washington D.C. event, researchers from across JHU showcase their work made possible by grants from federal agencies