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Sustainable Energy Institute
Engineers aim to convert destructive CO2 to more useful form of carbon
Published Feb 17, 2022
Using the university's own emissions, they'll attempt to convert harmful carbon dioxide into pure carbon, which is useful in manufacturing, textiles, and biochar
The future of sustainable energy: A conversation with Ben Schafer
Published Aug 10, 2021
Founding director of the Ralph S. O'Connor Sustainable Energy Institute talks renewable vs. sustainable energy and what he and his ROSEI colleagues are doing to ensure a cleaner future for us all
Research project aims to make offshore wind farms more efficient, powerful
Published June 28, 2021
Ocean-based wind farms have the potential to meet 90% of the nation's energy demands by 2050, but work must be done to understand the many environmental factors that will affect energy production by offshore farms
New model more accurately predicts the power of wind farms
Published June 4, 2021
The model could aid in the development of new wind farms or help optimize those already in use