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Memory failure
A man with no past
Published July 17, 2013
Expert on neurology, psychiatry discusses strange California amnesia case
Treating the trauma of intensive care
Published Summer 2013
A recent study of ICU survivors found that one-third experienced PTSD symptoms for up to two years / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Predicting postpartum depression
Published June 2013
Researchers ID specific chemical alterations that can be detected in blood during pregnancy / Gazette
Learning how we learn
Published April 2013 Video
More than 500 scholars, researchers will focus on everything from cell to classroom at JHU's Science of Learning Institute / Gazette
Psych secrecy
Published Spring 2013
Study confirms that keeping psychiatric records private could adversely affect patients' health / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Minding the whole patient
Published March 2013 Photos
The Phipps Clinic revolutionized psychiatry by focusing on lives not symptoms / Gazette
New JHU center will explore all aspects of learning
Published Jan 10, 2013
Science of Learning Institute brings together researchers from across Johns Hopkins
Mmm brains!
Nearly real zombie science
Published Oct 31, 2012
Harvard's Schlozman, author of The Zombie Autopsies, entertains crowd at JHU's Fall Fest
The 90-year divide
Published Fall 2012
Nearly a century ago, rival approaches to psychiatry fractured the profession. The grand argument is far from over, and at least two fundamental questions—What causes mental illness? How best to treat mental illness?—still await definitive answers. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The picky eater's dilemma
Published Fall 2012
For thousands of adults, highly selective eating can affect health, social life, relationships / Johns Hopkins Magazine