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New horizons

Pluto and beyond
Flyby launches 'new era of solar system exploration'
Published July 15, 2015 Photos
New Horizons phones home following historic Pluto flyby, continues deeper into Kuiper belt
Far out
New Horizons completes historic Pluto flyby
Published July 14, 2015
Spacecraft whizzes past Pluto after 10-year, three-billion-mile journey
So long, Pluto
Pictures of Pluto
Published July 14, 2015 Photos
Images of our solar system's most distant planet, as seen from NASA's New Horizons
How big is Pluto?
Published July 13, 2015
New measurements from New Horizons show dwarf planet is a bit bigger than scientists thought
Closer than ever
Published July 13, 2015
Scientists analyze new images as New Horizons moves within 1 million miles of Pluto
So close yet so far
Published July 10, 2015
Scientists learning more about Pluto and its mysterious moon Charon as New Horizons spacecraft zooms closer
From Pluto, with love
Published July 9, 2015 Video
New Horizons spacecraft captures detailed images of Pluto ahead of July 14 close-up
See how far New Horizons has traveled
Published July 8, 2015 Video
Almost 10 years after it launched, spacecraft will sail past the most distant known planetary body in the solar system
Transmission repair
Contact with New Horizons restored
Published July 6, 2015 Video
Communications with distant spacecraft briefly interrupted, but mission remains on track for July 14 Pluto flyby
Pretty pixels
New Horizons beams back new Pluto pictures
Published Feb 5, 2015 Video
Images are first received during the spacecraft's approach to Pluto system, which will culminate with July flyby