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Inside the Brain Science Institute
Published Spring 2014
Brain Science Institute researchers seek to understand the most fundamental questions about what goes on in our heads. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The eyes have it
Impulsiveness indicators
Published Jan 23, 2014
For signs of impulsive decision making, look into the eyes, researchers say / Hopkins Medicine
Retinal combat
Published Winter 2013
During the early stages of development, a death match takes place in your eyes. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Brain teasers
A lot to learn about learning
Published Fall 2013
Researchers from across the university have banded together to understand how our brains learn. What does that mean? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Life after radiation
Published Sept 2013
Research suggests brain can generate new cells able to replace injured cells, potentially restore lost function after radiation / Gazette
Target: Brain tumors
Published Aug 27, 2013
Researchers find promising therapeutic target for hard-to-treat brain tumors / Hopkins Medicine
Memory failure
A man with no past
Published July 17, 2013
Expert on neurology, psychiatry discusses strange California amnesia case
Rest stopper
Tangled mystery solved?
Published May 8, 2013
JHU researchers find possible link between brain chemical, restless leg syndrome / Hopkins Medicine
New clues about ALS
Published April 1, 2013
Research suggests regeneration of central nervous system cells plays key role in early stages of fatal degenerative disease / Johns Hopkins Medicine
Using fat to fight cancer
Published March 13, 2013
Stem cells from fat show promise in treatment of brain cancer, Johns Hopkins researchers say / Johns Hopkins Medicine