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maternal health

Virginia Apgar gets a Google doodle
Published June 7, 2018
Hopkins alum developed the Apgar Score, an assessment that has helped save countless newborn babies around the world
Global health
Talk to your spouse, improve your health?
Published March 29, 2018
Better communication between spouses in Mali linked to better health outcomes, new research suggests
Photo feature
Zika's other children
Published Oct 12, 2017
A powerful look at the families—and siblings—who carry the weight of Brazil's Zika epidemic
Male circumcision boosts women's health
Published Oct 10, 2017
Procedure shown to reduce transmission of HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases
Nurturing 'Family Spirit'
Published Sept 25, 2017
Home-visit program launched by Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health strengthens bonds in tribal communities
A bond between mothers
Published Aug 16, 2017
Expecting mothers form strong bonds through Jhpiego program in Nigeria and Kenya
Reproductive health
Success seen in family planning program
Published Aug 9, 2017
Center for Communication Programs led successful campaign in Nigerian cities with high maternal and infant mortality rates / School of Public Health
Predicting postpartum blues
Published March 20, 2017
Hopkins study links postpartum depression with diminished levels of 'anti-anxiety' hormone allopregnanolone / Hopkins Medicine
Fetal health
Zika may cause miscarriages
Published Feb 21, 2017
In mouse study, exposure to virus led to higher rates of miscarriages, babies born with thin brain tissue, brain inflammation
Global health
Driven to change
Published Winter 2016
Jhpiego program in Kenya turns would-be muggers into businessmen / Johns Hopkins Magazine