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infectious disease

Infectious disease
Tool draws on lessons learned from U.S. Ebola cases
Published June 26, 2017
Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, CDC develop checklist to help communities assess, strengthen preparedness
Zika virus
Economic impact of Zika outbreak could exceed $18B in Latin America, Caribbean
Published May 8, 2017
Carey School researchers conduct rapid assessment analysis based on existing data on incidence, transmission of virus linked to birth defects
Zika virus
Study: Zika outbreak in U.S. could come with high costs
Published May 4, 2017
Researchers use computer models to estimate the potential impact of outbreak based on various epidemic sizes
Video highlights institute's vital work
Published April 25, 2017 Video
A vaccine is urgently needed to prevent malaria, which affects hundreds of millions around the world every year
Zika virus
Scientists aim to fast-track Zika treatment
Published Aug 29, 2016
In large-scale screen of existing drugs, researchers identify three drugs effective enough in lab to warrant further study
Student scholar
'A door-opening opportunity'
Published Aug 12, 2016
Rising senior George Mwinnyaa, a public health studies major, earns coveted NIH Undergraduate Scholarship
Zika research
4 JHU teams win funding to combat Zika virus
Published Aug 10, 2016
Projects are among 21 selected for accelerated development in USAID Zika challenge
Innovation collaboration
JHU, DuPont team up on Ebola protective suit
Published Sept 28, 2015 Video
First of garments could be available in marketplace in first half of 2016
Designed to save lives
Published Aug 27, 2015 Video
Protective suit for Ebola caregivers lands JHU, Jhpiego among finalists in global design competition
Ebola preparedness
Hopkins Medicine develops training videos for CDC
Published Feb 18, 2015
Modules aim to help hospital emergency departments better prepare to treat patients with infectious diseases / Hopkins Medicine