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Nursing adds HIV curriculum
Published Feb 25, 2014
Specialized training module designed to put nurse practitioners at forefront of HIV care / School of Nursing
Delaying HIV treatment
Published Feb 11, 2014
Nearly half of HIV-infected teens put off treatment, study finds, increasing risk of long-term complications / Hopkins Medicine
Chasing a cure
A discovery that mattered
Published Dec 23, 2013
Hopkins virologist on 'Nature' list of 10 people who mattered in 2013 for role in finding 'functional cure' for HIV-infected infant / Nature
HOPE for waiting list
Published Dec 3, 2013
JHU research helps overturn decades-old ban on transplanting HIV-infected organs / Hopkins Medicine
HIV fight gets tougher, JHU researchers find
Published Oct 25, 2013
Amount of dormant, potentially active virus in infected cells may be 60 times greater than previously thought, study shows, complicating efforts to find a cure / Hopkins Medicine
TB antibiotics reduce deaths in HIV patients
Published Sept 2013
Findings stem from expansion of clinic-based community health program designed to curb the spread of TB / Gazette
Time honor
Influential research
Published April 18, 2013
Johns Hopkins pediatric HIV expert Persaud among Time's 100 most influential
Infant born with HIV reportedly cured
Published March 4, 2013 Video
Johns Hopkins Children's Center virologist Persaud authors report that could pave way to eliminating HIV in children / Johns Hopkins Children's Center
HIV drug may cause memory declines
Published Sept 27, 2012
Study suggests that commonly prescribed anti-retroviral drug efavirenz damages nerve cells / Johns Hopkins Medicine
Use of effective HIV treatment increases in U.S.
Published Sept 4, 2012
Study included more than 45,000 HIV-infected participants receiving clinical care for HIV / School of Public Health