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A place to heal
Published Spring 2020
Susan Sherman's SPARC Center serves some of the Baltimore's most vulnerable. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Global health
Study compares HIV risk among three common methods of contraception
Published June 13, 2019
ECHO trial in eastern and southern Africa shows high incidence of HIV infection among study participants despite extensive HIV prevention counseling
Immune system
Hopkins study examines patients with rare natural ability to suppress HIV
Published Dec 26, 2018
Findings suggest that patients can be in 'HIV remission' despite having a large reservoir of infected cells
Opioid epidemic
Public support remains low for needle exchanges, safe injection sites
Published July 19, 2018
Despite growing concerns over the opioid epidemic, majority of Americans don't support proven harm-reduction programs, study finds
A new milestone in HIV-positive organ donation
Published Jan 11, 2018
Johns Hopkins is the first center in the U.S. approved for living donor HIV-positive to HIV-positive kidney transplants
Prevention program prompts drop in HIV infections
Published Nov 29, 2017
Study of 34,000 people in Uganda suggests U.S.-funded global effort to curb HIV infection in high-risk populations is working
Male circumcision boosts women's health
Published Oct 10, 2017
Procedure shown to reduce transmission of HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases
Study: Latent HIV reservoirs can grow despite effective therapy
Published May 31, 2017
Proliferation of reservoir cells poses persistent barrier to developing a cure for HIV / Hopkins Medicine
Women's health
Better health linked to decline in domestic violence
Published March 8, 2017
Researchers find reduction in domestic violence when chronically ill women receive life-saving treatment
Dangers of 'shock and kill'
Published Dec 6, 2016
HIV treatment strategy of awakening dormant virus could cause harmful brain inflammation / Hopkins Medicine