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Graduate education

Life design
Conference seeks to help students expand their professional horizons
Published Nov 10, 2020
Horizons by Hopkins virtual conference takes place Thursday, Nov. 12 and is open to all Johns Hopkins students
Student experience
SAIS students 'in exile' travel to Italy to learn in person
Published Oct 27, 2020
After the coronavirus pandemic forced the SAIS Europe campus in Bologna to shut down in the spring, it is now hosting not only its own students and faculty but those from China and Washington, D.C., too
PhD Honors
Five PhD students named Siebel Scholars
Published Sept 29, 2020
The award recognizes outstanding graduate students in fields of business, bioengineering, computer science, and energy science
Five inducted into Bouchet Society
Published May 14, 2020
The Edward Alexander Bouchet Graduate Honor Society recognizes outstanding academic achievement and commitment to diversity
New funding available for professional development for PhD students
Published Dec 2, 2019
PhD students and associated faculty may apply through Feb. 1 for support for events, programs, and networking opportunities related to career preparation
Graduate education
Whiting School launches Vietnam scholarship program partnership
Published Oct 14, 2019
The program will provide funding for Vietnamese graduate students to pursue advanced degrees in engineering at Johns Hopkins
Graduate education
Diverse students explore Hopkins
Published Oct 14, 2019
EHOP program brings prospective grad students from underrepresented minority backgrounds to Hopkins for recruitment weekend
Five Hopkins PhD students named Siebel Scholars
Published Oct 1, 2019
They are among 93 of the world's top graduate students in business, bioengineering, computer science, and energy science fields
Graduate education
New policies support PhD students
Published Sept 4, 2019
Policies outline expectations for mentorship, ensure annual progress reviews for students and their advisers, and lower the time-to-degree limit to nine years
Dual degree
First in her class
Published Aug 27, 2019
Personal experience fuels Johns Hopkins' first MBA/MD student, who overcame leukemia as a child