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Campus carry
Study: Guns on campuses won't deter shootings
Published Sept 24, 2017
Evidence suggests right-to-carry permissions on campus will likely lead to increase in gun violence, suicides
Smart guns are safer guns
Published Sept 24, 2017
Safety technology can help reduce accidental shooting deaths, SPH expert says / The New York Times
'Misguided debate'
Published Sept 24, 2017
U.S. gun control conversation derailed by misleading narrative that obscures true issues, gun policy expert says / U.S. News & World Report
Public safety
Pro guns and pro checks
Published Fall 2015
Background checks for gun purchases work--and gun-owners overwhelmingly support them / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Dangerous minds?
The media, mass shootings, and mental illness
Published Sept 24, 2017
News reports about rampage shootings heighten negative attitudes toward people with serious mental illness, research shows / School of Public Health
Webster among experts at Senate gun policy hearing
Published Sept 24, 2017
School of Public Health professor helped organize last month's gun policy summit at Johns Hopkins
Making the case for gun control
Published Feb 2013
Leading global experts present latest research and thinking on gun violence in the U.S. / Gazette