JHU Research Administration Guidance and FAQs

These FAQs will be updated routinely. Last Updated 5/12/2020 5:00 PM

COVID-19 related research administration guidance varies by federal department and agency. Sponsor guidance and FAQs can be found here.  For project-specific questions, please contact your program officer and/or the grants specialist at your funding agency. If you have additional questions that you’d like to see included here, please email jhura@jhu.edu

JHU Policy FAQs

Q: How does the suspension of retirement contributions affect my budget for my sponsored projects?
A: The University has to negotiate its fringe benefit rate on an annual basis with the federal government.  Until we have negotiated a new fringe benefit rate agreement, please continue to use the current applicable fringe benefit rates in our existing agreement for your proposal submission. In situations where the finalized rate is lower than the budget proposed rate, generally, these excess funds are available for re-budgeting. However, it depends on each grantor’s policy. Please consult specific agency guidelines /terms and conditions of the agreement before proceeding.

Q: Can I continue to charge my grants if staff are working remotely?
A: If employees can work successfully remotely, then their salary can continue to be paid on federally funded sponsored awards. For staff who normally punch in/punch out or are subject to direct supervision, the institution might consider deploying alternative forms of work verification. Alternate work verification is at the discretion of JHU managers.

Q: What is the JHU policy on paying personnel during the COVID 19 national emergency?
A: During the current response to the COVID 19 national emergency, regardless of the funding source, personnel should continue to be paid in accordance with the University Policy Altered/Curtailed Operating Plans and the Closure, and the COVID 19 event is deemed to be a case where employees are authorized to work from home consistent with other HR guidance. The University has determined that we are in a period of Extended Closure as defined under that Policy, and we have reevaluated pay policies and will continue to pay personnel until further notice. In accordance with current OMB Guidance, federal grant agencies have been given latitude regarding grant charging procedures. Where possible and appropriate, personnel can continue work remotely and charge grants accordingly. Individual agencies are issuing more specific guidance, please check JHU Research Response: Sponsor Guidance for the most up to date information.

Q: Will I be allowed to submit my grant proposal after the due date?
A: Several federal agencies have issued guidance allowing for flexibility, with justification, when an institution closes. However, JHU research administration staff are fully operational remotely and do not anticipate disruption in proposal review and submission.  JHU Research leadership encourages PIs to make every effort to submit proposals before the due date.

Additional JHU FAQs:

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