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Hopkins Symphony Orchestra's study playlist for finals week
HSO is back with another study playlist just in time for finals! Listening to music while you study can have many benefits, and we think orchestral and instrumental music make a particularly great fit.
Life Design Summer Institute 2022
The Life Design Summer Institute provides an eight-week training in Life Design principles and pedagogy to JHU undergraduate students so that they might imagine their academic and professional options and their future selves; applications accepted through May 27
Fewer than 150 tickets left to Hopkins Symphony Orchestra's season finale
The April 23 performance will feature student Concerto Competition winners and a commissioned work by Baltimore-based composer; concert followed by an outdoor reception
Nights Out at the Rec: Spring Fling
Come hang out with us at the O'Connor Center in a safe and welcoming space and have a fun Friday night at the Rec; enjoy some fun-filled games, relaxing fitness programs, and giveaways from 4 to 9 p.m.
Buying Graduate Spring Formal Tickets
If you have extra tickets for Graduate Spring Formal or are unable to attend and are willing to sell your tickets to me, please contact me
Tickets to Hopkins Symphony Orchestra's last concert of the season are available
HSO closes out the season with a commissioned work by Baltimore-based composer James Lee III and performances by 2022 Concerto Competition winners; tickets are free for students
New smoothie flavor at the Rec
Ad for new smoothie flavor made by Real Simple and Good Part & Co
Workout Week with LiveCollegeSimply!
Workout week held in collaboration with the Rec Center and Hopkins in-class ad agency
Apply now | Sustainability Leadership Council
Do you or a student you know want to be a part of building Johns Hopkins' reputation for sustainability? Are you energized at the possibility of amplifying the university's research and practice around environmental sustainability? If yes, read on!
Collaborate with the Hopkins Student Organization for Programming
This announcement is for students in student organizations that are interested in collaborating with the HOP on an event