Student Announcements


Odyssey: iPhone Photography II
In this intermediate six-session virtual course, learn innovative capture, editing, and styling techniques specific to iPhone Photography; Tuesday, Oct. 13–Nov. 10
Odyssey: Creative Power—Techniques for Finding the Authentic Artist Within
Discover the healing aspect of unleashing your creativity through writing, improv, drawing, music, self-exploration, and a guided encounter with your own imagination; Tuesday, Oct. 6 to 27
Odyssey: Ferns of the Forest
Join instructor Robert Mardiney in this two-session virtual journey focused on Maryland's native ferns; Wednesday, Sept. 30, and Saturday, Oct. 3
Odyssey: Journal as Personal Essay
Join Instructor Margaret Osburn in this 10-session virtual journey to tap into your creativity and help you learn specific writing skills; Wednesday, Oct. 7 to Dec. 16
Odyssey: Beethoven and the Revolutionary Spirit
This class explores the life and music of one of the greatest composers, whose own personal struggle with deafness mirrored the social struggle of the period; Wednesday, Oct. 7 to 28
Odyssey: On the Shoulders of Giants, Part 2
Join instructor Ernest Quarles for this six-session virtual course, focusing on the struggle for equity and opportunity in late 20th-century America; Monday, Oct. 5 to Nov. 9
Register for Factuality: The Game
Register for the 90-minute crash course on structural inequality in America
Odyssey: No One Was Immune
Join instructor John Hessler on this six-session virtual journey focusing on the history and transmission of diseases; Thursdays, Sept. 24 to Oct. 29
Odyssey 2020: A Day in Oaxaca—Crossroads of a Continent
This one-day virtual session explores the Oaxaca Valley in Mexico, one of the cradles of American civilization; Saturday, Sept. 26
Odyssey: Psychology of Aging
This 10-session course explores the changes that occur within the last third of life; Wednesdays, Sept. 16 to Nov. 18