Bipolar disorder research study seeks participants
Over a two-week period, participants will make two study visits consisting of a blood draw, a urine toxicology screen, psychiatric evaluations, questionnaires, and an MRI
Do girls and boys differ before birth? Seeking pregnant women for a study
Pregnant women who plan to deliver at Johns Hopkins Hospital are needed for a research study from late pregnancy until the baby is 6 months old
Traffic and parking changes relating to Martin Luther King Day parade
There will be driving and parking restrictions along and near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard on Monday, Jan. 15, in association with the city's parade marking the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday
Spring 2018 Professional Development Program Modules
The seven-week PDP modules are open to all Hopkins graduate students and postdoctoral fellows; no additional tuition charged for students in full-time JHU programs
Applications for 2018 Summer Programs open
All JHU students should register through SIS; students outside JHU should apply for admission directly at the Summer Programs website
Volunteers needed for walking study at KKI
Healthy men and women ages 18 to 35 are needed to participate in a research study at the Motion Analysis Lab at Kennedy Krieger Institute; compensation $15/hour
Hopkins Technology Center offers out-of-warranty repairs
Bring in your personal computer, and Hopkins Technology Center staff will perform a free diagnostic to assess problems you're having
Tax-exempt status expires Feb. 15
Employees who want to claim exempt for their federal and/or state withholding must go to the Employee Self Service website before Feb. 15, 2018, to update their tax information
Volunteer for tDCS study at KKI
Seeking healthy, right-handed individuals to participate in a study using noninvasive brain stimulation; compensation $25
Searson Lab seeks participants for exercise study
Healthy people ages 18-50 who exercise at least twice a week are needed for a paid trial requiring 2.5 hours of time, 85 minutes of exercise