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New episode: Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs
BSPH Professor Chris Beyrer and the hosts discuss the international race for a COVID-19 vaccine, from Russia's Sputnik V to the effects of the shortened development timeline on vaccine hesitancy
Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs: New episode
The latest episode of POFA features Sheila A. Smith of CFR, who will discuss the legacy of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe amid his sudden resignation
New episode: Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs
POFA joins with SNF Agora and SAIS fellow Anne Applebaum to discuss her new book, Twilight of Democracy; topics touch on authoritarianism, its origins and its recent spread through extremist politics around the world
Womxn Mentoring Whiting: New mentorship program
Women in Whiting will be paired with women mentors who will guide them through all aspects of their journey as a Hopkins engineer
Voter Tuesday: Open Zoom office hours
Hopkins Votes is a nonpartisan, universitywide effort that supports all eligible JHU students in their process to be registered and ready to participate in each election
New episode: Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs
Steven Cook, of the Council on Foreign Relations, discusses the underlying civil, political, and economic tensions that led up to the tragic explosion in Beirut and the resignation of Prime Minister Diab
Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs: Conflict in Kashmir with Farhana Qazi
Qazi discusses the global and humanitarian implications of the conflict between India and Pakistan in Kashmir, from rights violations of women to the potential nuclear threat
Lead with generosity
Apply to be a Student Philanthropy Ambassador and help support the Hopkins community; application deadline extended to July 31
Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs
SAIS/KSAS Professor Ho-Fung Hung discusses global implications of Hong Kong's rapidly changing relationship with the mainland
Opportunity to volunteer with CovidSMS
CovidSMS is a startup led by public health and computer science students at Johns Hopkins and Stanford. It provides ZIP code–specific Covid-19 statistics and resources (testing sites, unemployment, food, and volunteer support) via text message.