Youth ages 8-17 wanted for sound study using virtual reality

Calling all parents! Does your child react strongly to everyday sounds like chewing, tapping, or slurping? Or perhaps your child doesn't experience these reactions at all? This study is recruiting children and teens ages 8-17, both with and without misophonia. This is a unique opportunity to help researchers improve treatment options for misophonia.

What is misophonia?

It is a condition where certain sounds trigger intense emotional or behavioral responses. Common triggers include sounds like chewing, slurping, pen-clicking, tapping, and more.

Why participate?

Your participation will help us understand how children with and without misophonia learn and process sounds differently. This could lead to better treatment options and improved support for those with misophonia.

What does the study include?

  • A virtual reality task—a fun and interactive way to be part of cutting-edge research
  • Compensation up to $150 for your participation
  • Free audiological examination
  • 1 vitual interview via Zoom
  • 3 in-person visits at the Johns Hopkins East Baltimore campus
  • Questionnaires to understand experiences with sound

Who can join?

  • Children and teens age 8-17
  • English speakers who are not taking benzodiazepines

Interested in learning more or signing up? Contact our study coordinator today!

Tel: 443-300-8836

Principal Investigator: Joseph McGuire