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What's next?
Gathering storms for public health
Published July 24, 2016
Authors discuss pandemics, mental illness in prisons, and social justice movements at Bloomberg School event
What's next for public health?
Published July 24, 2016
Bloomberg School invites four writers for discussion of big issues, including pandemics, mental health, social justice
Zika hackathon
Fighting the bite
Published July 24, 2016
Modified mosquito trap, repellent soap among top designs at Zika virus challenge
Big data
Health awareness analysis
Published July 24, 2016
Do awareness efforts, like the Great American Smokeout, have an impact on our behavior?
Zika challenge
Protection by design
Published July 24, 2016
Wanted: Solutions to prevent mosquito bites, stop Zika's spread
Public health
Last piece of dengue puzzle?
Published July 24, 2016
Single-dose vaccine 100 percent effective in preventing virus in small clinical trial
The 'Charlie Sheen Effect'
Published July 24, 2016 Video
Study author: Actor's announcement 'potentially the most significant domestic HIV prevention event ever'
Public health
Strong links shown between Zika, birth defects
Published July 24, 2016
Experts present emerging evidence, evaluate response at School of Public Health symposium
Anti-vaxx scare tactics
Published July 24, 2016
Anti-vaccine websites dupe parents with deceptive sound bites, junk science, conspiracy theories / Time
Public health
Zika virus Q+A
Published July 24, 2016
International health expert discusses disease that is spreading rapidly in Brazil and beyond