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How welfare failed millions
Published Oct 20, 2016
Welfare now less responsive to families who need it, drives people to live on 'virtually nothing,' poverty expert Kathy Edin says
21st Century Cities
Poverty and geography
Published Oct 20, 2016 Video
In JHU visit, White House official outlines Obama administration's efforts to address poverty
$2.00 a day
Stories of extreme poverty
Published Oct 20, 2016
JHU social scientist Kathryn Edin speaks about her new book
$2 a day
Extreme poverty examined
Published Oct 20, 2016
Book co-authored by JHU social scientist Kathryn Edin profiles the poorest of the poor in the U.S. / Marketplace
Love and money
'Deadbeat dads' study
Published Oct 20, 2016
Many low-income fathers support their children through gifts, not cash, research suggests
Long shadow of a poor start
Published Winter 2014
For 25 years, Hopkins sociologist Karl Alexander and his colleague followed the lives of 790 children growing up in a variety of Baltimore neighborhoods. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Leaving here
New home, new outlook
Published Oct 20, 2016
Escaping poor neighborhoods can change a family's perspective, study suggests
A tax on being poor
Published Oct 20, 2016
JHU sociologist Katherine Newman examines regional disparities in how Americans are taxed / The New York Times