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21st Century Cities
Poverty and geography
Published July 24, 2016 Video
In JHU visit, White House official outlines Obama administration's efforts to address poverty
$2.00 a day
Stories of extreme poverty
Published July 24, 2016
JHU social scientist Kathryn Edin speaks about her new book
$2 a day
Extreme poverty examined
Published July 24, 2016
Book co-authored by JHU social scientist Kathryn Edin profiles the poorest of the poor in the U.S. / Marketplace
Love and money
'Deadbeat dads' study
Published July 24, 2016
Many low-income fathers support their children through gifts, not cash, research suggests
Long shadow of a poor start
Published Winter 2014
For 25 years, Hopkins sociologist Karl Alexander and his colleague followed the lives of 790 children growing up in a variety of Baltimore neighborhoods. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Leaving here
New home, new outlook
Published July 24, 2016
Escaping poor neighborhoods can change a family's perspective, study suggests
A tax on being poor
Published July 24, 2016
JHU sociologist Katherine Newman examines regional disparities in how Americans are taxed / The New York Times