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A killer in the family

May 30, 2014
KSAS Dean Katherine Newman discusses how parents of mass murders cope with tragedy / Washington Post

JHU's Newman named provost at UMass Amherst

April 24, 2014
Krieger School dean, widely published expert on poverty and the working poor joined JHU in 2010
'Hero' to a nation

On Mandela's legacy

December 6, 2013
Katherine Newman, whose book on post-apartheid South Africa is scheduled for release in April, speaks about Mandela

A tax on being poor

March 11, 2013
JHU sociologist Katherine Newman examines regional disparities in how Americans are taxed / The New York Times

Mind of a killer

February 21, 2013
Katherine Newman offers insight into what goes on in the minds of rampage killers for PBS special / PBS

Parkway rising

Feb 2013
JHU, MICA partner with Maryland Film Festival to create a complex for film, live performance, academics / Gazette

Warning signs

December 17, 2012
Katherine Newman's research sheds light on rampage school shootings like the one in Newtown, Conn. / CNN.com

Why school shooters shoot

August 29, 2012
Katherine Newman's research offers insight into rampage school shootings like the one at Perry Hall High School / The Baltimore Sun