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Race in America
War on drugs rooted in 'racist policies'
Published April 26, 2017
U.S. is preoccupied with morality of drug use, Columbia University expert Carl Hart says
Race in America
Drugs and discrimination
Published April 26, 2017
Columbia's Carl Hart will discuss racial bias in U.S. drug policy, enforcement as part of Race in America series
Drug policy
War on drugs undercuts public health, experts say
Published April 26, 2017
Health commission concludes current policies increase risk of death, exacerbate ongoing health crises worldwide / School of Public Health
The brain on cocaine
Published April 26, 2017
Study shows drug's role in cell death, points to possible treatment
Painkiller nation?
Published April 26, 2017
School of Public Health study finds that most Americans use painkillers but also see abuse as a serious issue / School of Public Health
Prescription drug abuse
Promising policy solutions
Published April 26, 2017
Florida laws show power of policy tools in fight against prescription drug epidemic, researchers say
Joint research
Secondhand high study
Published April 26, 2017
Concentrated exposure to marijuana smoke can cause range of detectable effects for nonsmokers, researchers find / Hopkins Medicine
Pot policy advice
Published April 26, 2017
JHU researchers suggest strategies to keep legal marijuana out of hands of kids / School of Public Health
Doctors report prescribing fewer opioids for pain
Published April 26, 2017
Concerns about prescription drug abuse, addiction may affect physicians' prescribing habits, Public Health research suggests / School of Public Health
On drugs
Addiction: Medical condition or 'moral failing'?
Published April 26, 2017
Drug addiction viewed more negatively than mental illness, study shows / School of Public Health