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charles bennett

Space exploration
First for CLASS
Published May 19, 2016 Video
High-powered telescope peering into origins of the universe receives 'first light'
Space initiative blasts off
Published May 13, 2016
Effort launches with goal of bringing researchers together
Two new Bloomberg Distinguished Professors
Published Dec 15, 2015
Esteemed Johns Hopkins faculty members Charles Bennett, Andrew Feinberg honored with appointments
CLASS trip
Moving toward 'first light'
Published Sept 30, 2015 Video
High-powered JHU telescope, designed to explore early universe, prepares to relocate to Chile
Bennett wins physics honor
Published May 13, 2015
Tomassoni Chisesi Prize recognizes leadership in two experiments that reshaped our view of the universe
CLASS project
Looking back in time
Published May 27, 2014 Video
Johns Hopkins astrophysics team builds telescope to study origins of the universe
Bennett receives Jansky Prize
Published Aug 15, 2013
Award recognizes contributions in the advancement of radio astronomy
Universal knowledge
Published Feb 12, 2013
Johns Hopkins astrophysicists Menard, Bennett to join ambitious Euclid space telescope project
WMAP team to release full results of groundbreaking space study
Published Dec 21, 2012 Video
Nine-year mission led by JHU's Bennett revolutionized our understanding of our universe