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applied physics laboratory

Reclaimed touch
Published Spring 2017
APL is making the next generation of prosthetic limbs that not only act on thought command, but also send signals back to the brain / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Status update?
Make Pluto a planet again
Published March 24, 2017
Planetary scientist offers a geophysical definition of planets—which would expand the number in our solar system from eight to about 110
APL celebrates 75 years of bold innovation
Published March 24, 2017 Video
Anniversary program highlights lab's history of revolutionary breakthroughs
Planetary scholar
Space scientist named BDP
Published March 24, 2017
Sabine Stanley's research focuses on magnetic fields as a means of studying the interiors of planets, including those light-years away from our solar system
APL engineer receives national distinction
Published March 24, 2017
Aerospace engineering expert David Van Wie one of 84 named to National Academy of Engineering
Data from distant asteroids
Published March 24, 2017
APL-built instruments for two upcoming NASA missions will provide close-up surface images, composition data of asteroids near Jupiter
Coordinated swarm
Published March 24, 2017
Applied Physics Lab conducts at-sea demonstration of swarming unmanned surface vessels
Space oddities
Published Winter 2016
Data from New Horizons reveals Pluto and Charon are anything but dead balls of rock / Johns Hopkins Magazine
APL mathematician honored
Published March 24, 2017
Ryan Gardner named Outstanding Young Engineer by Maryland Academy of Sciences for work on systems that prevent midair collisions of aircrafts
Engineers on the rise
Published March 24, 2017
Competitive paid summer internship program puts Hopkins Engineering students to work on APL projects