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Low pressure performers
Published Jan 24, 2017
Hopkins computer scientists evaluate baseball stats compiled in 'meaningless game situations'
The nature and nurture of human illness
Published Jan 24, 2017
Scientists seek better understanding of how genetic, environmental factors join forces to cause disease
Computer science
A giant leap for genome sequencing
Published Jan 24, 2017
JHU's Michael Schatz leads work on new computer algorithms that create more complete DNA portraits

News feeds from around Johns Hopkins

MEDIA ADVISORY: What Happens When Hackers Hijack Our Smart Devices?
Published Jan 24, 2017
In a recent segment on NPR’s TED Radio Hour, Johns Hopkins cybersecurity expert Avi Rubin warned that our increasing reliance on Internet-connected add-ons to our home appliances and vehicles could yield... / News from The Johns Hopkins University
Study Identifies Molecular Signal for Maintaining Adult Neuron
Published Jan 24, 2017
Research led by a Johns Hopkins University biologist sheds light on the subject, potentially pointing the way to a better understanding of how the structure of nerve cells in the adult hippocampus may... / News from The Johns Hopkins University
Patients Face ‘Surprise’ Medical Bills From Out-of-Network Specialists
Published Jan 24, 2017
Privately insured consumers are often stuck with surprise medical bills that are much higher than they anticipated. / Public Health News Headlines from Johns Hopkins
Intersession Students Learn the Science Behind Party Food
Published Jan 24, 2017
Beer, wine and cheese are classic party foods that couldn’t be made without fermentation. Fermentation is also the key behind food trends like pickling and the tea drink kombucha. In a one-credit intersession... / News from The Johns Hopkins University
In Teens, Strong Friendships May Mitigate Depression Associated With Excessive Video Gaming
Published Jan 24, 2017
Teens who play games more than four hours a day may not develop addiction-like problems if they are socially engaged with others. / Public Health News Headlines from Johns Hopkins
Retired Sen. Barbara Mikulski to Join University Faculty
Published Jan 24, 2017
Barbara A. Mikulski, the longest-serving woman in the history of Congress and Maryland’s longest-tenured U.S. senator, will join the Johns Hopkins University on Jan. 16 as a professor of public policy... / News from The Johns Hopkins University
Evidence Growing of Link Between Youth Exposure to Alcohol Marketing and Youth Drinking
Published Jan 24, 2017
First review of long-term studies since 2008 finds youth who are more exposed to alcohol marketing are at higher risk of drinking across continents, cultures / Public Health News Headlines from Johns Hopkins
Ignition Interlock Laws Reduce Alcohol-Involved Fatal Crashes
Published Jan 24, 2017
State laws requiring ignition interlocks for all drunk driving offenders appear to reduce the number of fatal drunk driving crashes / Public Health News Headlines from Johns Hopkins
Captured on Video: DNA Nanotubes Build a Bridge Between Two Molecular Posts
Published Jan 24, 2017
In a microscopic feat that resembled a high-wire circus act, Johns Hopkins researchers have coaxed DNA nanotubes to assemble themselves into bridge-like structures arched between two molecular landmarks... / News from The Johns Hopkins University
Cynthia Schaffer Minkovitz Named Bloomberg School Department Chair
Published Jan 24, 2017
Cynthia Schaffer Minkovitz, MD, MPP, an international expert on pediatric preventive care, has been appointed chair of the Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health at the Johns Hopkins... / Public Health News Headlines from Johns Hopkins