Johns Hopkins experts discuss matters of the brain during Calif. event

Science of Learning event was broadcast live via UStream from Palo Alto

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What happens in our brains when we learn something? What happens when we fail to remember?

Four top Johns Hopkins experts grappled with these questions and more during a public event and online discussion in California that highlighted the areas of research the new Science of Learning Institute will focus on in the future. The institute is one of President Ronald J. Daniels' five global signature initiatives for the university.

Barbara Landau, the director of the new institute and a cognitive scientist, hosted the evening panel discussion, which was produced in Palo Alto for the university's Rising to the Challenge campaign. The other participants included David W. Andrews, dean of the School of Education; Lisa Feigenson, co-director of the university's Laboratory for Child Development; and Richard L. Huganir, co-director of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Brain Science Institute.

The event was broadcast live online via Johns Hopkins' Ustream channel. An archived version of the broadcast can be viewed below.

To watch future university live broadcasts, viewers can subscribe to Johns Hopkins' Ustream channel at

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